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Hip hop music gets looked at negatively sometimes but Joe Buys put on a very positive show last night. I am impressed with his “Dream Impossible” theme and it showed throughout his performance. Keep the “Dream Impossible” a continued reality for us!!
— John Kincaid
Dream Impossible has turned a stubby and clumsy kid into an inspired and good athlete. The training and drills are superb. I believe that I’ve also become a better coach.
Dream Impossible can make you into a better athlete and person with Joe & Tatiana Buys training you!
— Martin Jones
I don’t think I’ve ever met someone like Joe Buys before. There’s just so much negativity in this world that you forget there are such positive people in the world like himself. His concert tonight was probably the best concert that I have attended. If there was one of his concerts every week i’d be set for life.
— Madison Swinehart
Thank you so much Joe and Tatiana for arranging Dream Impossible’s visit today! I think the students really liked it and are a bit more inspired. I’ve never seen them so engaged.
— El Segundo Middle School Counsler Lori Klein
Thank you for taking the time to speak to our team today. You guys have inspired and changed the way the ladies see themselves as students and players.
— Dymally High School Varsity Softball Coach
I applaud you for your desire to put human back in humanity.
— John Kincaid